Science Gallery Dublin Director Lynn Scarff appointed new Director of the National Museum of Ireland

Trinity College Dublin with the Science Gallery Dublin board and team would like to congratulate director Lynn Scarff on the news of her new appointment as Director of the National Museum of Ireland.

Lynn was part of the founding team of Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin and has been deeply involved in the achievements of the organisation over the last ten years. She succeeded Founding Director Michael John Gorman in 2014 and during that time has been responsible for growing the research and practice activity of the organisation, leading out on a new strategic plan and staff restructure, securing a number of significant research grants and partnerships, continued annual growth of visitor numbers and an expanding touring portfolio.

Commenting on the new appointment, Lynn said: “I am deeply honoured and look forward to commencing the new role at the National Museum of Ireland in May 2018. I would also like to acknowledge my deep appreciation for all the people I have collaborated with over the years at Science Gallery. The Science Gallery team and board alongside my colleagues in Trinity College Dublin and our Science Circle and funding partners have made the experience captivating and exciting in equal measure. Their hard work and commitment is unquestionably the source of Science Gallery’s continued success.”

Science Gallery Board member, Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer Professor Chris Morash, congratulated Lynn on her new appointment, stating:

“We are very proud of the Science Gallery at Trinity and what it has achieved on its 10th anniversary this year. Lynn has been an important part of that success story where she has made a significant contribution, both as a founding member, and in leading it over the past four years. We wish her every success in her exciting new role at the National Museum.”

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