Ark of Imperfection

How valuable are your imperfections?  

Come and tell all at Science Gallery’s Ark of Imperfection featuring at Body & Soul festival.

A wave of new science and technology allows us to modify, hack and transform our lives in pursuit of our own personal perfection. With growing cultural pressures to look and live in an ideal way, is striving for perfection a positive goal? Or is imperfection what sustains life and creates diversity and difference?

To find out the answers to these questions, Science Gallery is going on tour.  Festival goers will be invited to reflect on what they perceive to be their imperfection and re-evaluate the role it plays in their life. Working with artist Murizio Toscano’s Ark of Imperfection audiences can also leave a sample (saliva swab / piece of hair / etc.) in a test tube to add to the mobile Ark. The Ark acts as a speculative repository for a future 'perfect' world in which future generations might want to re-introduce the ‘imperfections’ that were lost.  

PERFECTION runs at Science Gallery from 21st June until 6th October 2019.  Find out more at dublin.sciencegallery.com/perfection and follow the conversation @SciGalleryDub #SGperfection


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