the art of storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is an 8 part series of events in which the programme utilises creative methodologies to craft compelling stories about research that connect with the public. It is aimed at providing Trinity researchers with the tools to communicate their work publicly.

Trinity College Dublin’s research practice creates our future and transforms our world. But because it is specialised, it is not always easily accessible or tangible to non-academic audiences. This programme will bring together practitioners from the areas of storytelling, writing, theatre and communications to share key skills and approaches in connecting with audiences. The programme will also prepare participants to present their research stories in a Research Slam for a public audience at Kaleidoscope Festival in Russborough House, 28-30 June 2019. Participants can choose to attend the Art of Storytelling course without participating in the Research Slam - but what’s life without a challenge?

Research Slam participants will all receive free weekend tickets to Kaleidoscope.

These events are free and open to Trinity College Dublin staff and research students.  Links to each event can be found here:

The Power of Metaphor – How the right choice of metaphor can open up complex areas to new audience 

The Narrative Arc – How story construction can carry home your message 

Words and Pictures - Compelling images for social media with Canva 

Compelling stories from a journalist’s perspective 

Connecting with an Audience – How to tell it so they feel it 

Telling stories with The Dublin Story Slam 

Rescheduled: The Hook – How to catch an Editor’s eye with the perfect press release 

The Art of Storytelling: Research Slam 

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