Science Gallery Dublin have launched the first of its new quarterly book club series with a novel new format and a futuristic twist. 

The aim of the series is to facilitate dialogue and debate around influential and thought-provoking texts that span the genres of art, humanities, science, and technology - as well as to connect attendees with the author of the book 

The first event of the season paired bibliophiles with Science Gallery facilitators as they discussed and decoded “Humanology” by Irish Immunologist, Luke O’Neill. Humanology takes readers on a journey across centuries and galaxies to bring them face to face with some of the most curious and crucial questions of science, culture and existence.

Event attendees were divided into three different conversational spheres, each led by a facilitator to spearhead conversation and literary discourse inspired by the book like; how did the Universe begin? How will it end? What is the future of humanity with the advent of AI, and what can happen at the intersection of science and faith and why?

There to livestream the subsequent panel discussion in 360 degrees was Trinity College Dublin ADAPT’s Heliosphere, represented by Kevin Koidl. An experimental research project was also demonstrated - comprising speech to text recognition technology to observe what direction conversations tended towards - by monitoring the highest instances of certain words. Heliosphere aims to implement this feature into future debates and discussions as a research tool and a way to unlock and facilitate engaging dialogue and debate around society, science and contemporary hot topics.

Next season’s book club will take place in November and will focus on Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado-Perez. 

From the ‘one-size-fits-men’ approach to smartphone design to the medical trials that are putting women’s lives at risk … this book uses data like a laser. Pick up a copy of Invisible Women from the Science Gallery Shop by Designist and sign up to the Science Gallery Dublin eNewsletter to snap up a ticket to the next Book Club.


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