Guest blog: Transition Year Mentorship Week at Science Gallery Dublin

Always wanted to know what a Transition Year Mentorship Week involves at Science Gallery Dublin? We asked the Transition Year students who attended our programme last week (30th October - 2nd November 2018) to write us a guest blog detailing their experiences...

When we first arrived into the room there was a lot of nerves in the air. Nobody knew each other and what to expect. Playing games to get to know each other was very helpful in removing any tension.  Afterwards, we took a break for lunch, began to settle in and get to know each other. When we returned, we were given a tour of INTIMACY, the current exhibition running in the gallery. It was extremely interesting and it opened our eyes to the work that is done in the gallery. The gallery try and take topics that are not so easily discussed in society and portray them in ways that are fun, innovative and fresh. It ignites discussion that is necessary for future development and helps solve some of the flaws that run deep in our society.

Throughout the week, we were given talks and workshops on a broad range of subjects, including one about intimacy and personal space, writing with author Linnea Dunne and PlayBack theatre. Some of our favourite things involved an AMBER workshop and a discussion about research and the CURAM centre. The different aspects of art and science was interesting for us as we could see and learn how the two are equally important in tackling controversial topics in the future. We now realise how to organise an exhibition in a way that the public can easily learn and benefit from. Being educated about topical issues such as climate change and artificial intelligence is extremely important for people when forming opinions that are true to what they believe.

An interesting aspect of the week was the social dynamics of our group. No one had known each other prior to the week, and we all came from different places and backgrounds. On the first morning we sat at tables surrounded by strangers, yet the icebreakers quickly helped us settle in. Some of us quickly formed into friend groups, but as the week went on our groups branched out. We all finished the week with a lot of new friends who we hope to keep in touch with in the future. We think the social benefits of the work experience are important as they provide new experiences and bring you out of your comfort zone, which is an essential thing in life.

Being in Transition Year is about discovering the path that you would like to follow when you’re older, and having experiences in places such as the gallery can help find that.  We enjoyed our time here very much and would recommend those in TY to take on the challenge and do work experience with Science Gallery Dublin.


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