Science Gallery Dublin runs educational programmes which offer young people the opportunity to explore art, science, design, technology and culture outside the classroom. These programmes are facilitated by people who are passionate about creating a safe and open space for students to share their ideas and insights, and to learn collaboratively. We are looking for new facilitators who are up to the challenge!

Each year Science Gallery Dublin invites Transition Year students from across the country to apply to spend a week in Science Gallery Dublin where they explore the current exhibition, take part in art-science workshops and develop their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills. These are called OPEN MIND Studio weeks.

The typical format of these weeks involves two primary facilitators who are supported by the Science Gallery Dublin team, as well as several external experts. In addition to our OPEN MIND Studio weeks, we are also looking for facilitators to deliver other workshops throughout the year as required.

Here is a copy of the job spec, which will give you a more detailed idea of what we are looking for in a facilitator. Facilitators not only communicate ideas to young people but actively create an environment where students feel confident to share their thoughts with their peers. This means that the facilitator role is all about listening and bringing the students’ points of view to the fore. 


If you think you fit the description, and you are available to work during the 2019/2020 academic year, please fill in the application form here. The closing date for applications is 12pm Friday 16th of August. If you have any questions about the application process or the role of a facilitator please don't hesitate to contact education@dublin.sciencegallery.com.

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