Polyester, Silicone, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polyethylene, Furan, Polystyrene, Teflon, Polypropylene, Polylactic acid, Polyimide, Phenolics, Formaldehyde. From textiles to toothbrushes, fishing lines to phones, and engine parts to medical implants, we use and consume plastic on a daily basis whether we like to admit it or not.                                  

To coincide with PLASTIC, Science Gallery Dublin are hosting a combination of talks, panels and workshops tackling our complicated relationship with plastic. PLASTIC workshops will delve into the various ways in which we depend on this material and how it could be responsible for our eventual demise. Plastic is found in almost everything we consume, our clothes, our cosmetics, our medication, and potentially our food and water. Plastic is everywhere, we can’t live without it but something has to change.

PLASTIC workshops will explore a more sustainable approach to everyday tasks, along with offering plastic-free alternatives to cosmetics and packaging, and the chance to experiment with plastics for future prototyping. The workshops will explore our relationships with plastic, spanning from revolutionary impact on industrial design to its significant role in some of the most basic medical procedures, which would be unimaginable without it.

PLASTIC runs at Science Gallery Dublin from 25th of October to 9th of February 2020.

Find out more here and follow the conversation @SciGalleryDub #SGplastic.

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