Just because they're wonky doesn't mean they're unsafe.

A third of all food grown is lost or wasted.  Some of this is down to consumer choices and an aversion to eating ‘imperfect’ looking fruit and vegetables.

Inspired by Driessens & Verstappen's MORPHOTEQUE exhibit in the current exhibition PERFECTION, Science Gallery is setting out to dispel the myth that ‘wonky’ vegetables should be shunned from our diets. We invite you to put irregular looking fruit and veg front and centre in an online beauty pageant highlighting all of their natural filthy glory.

The foodstuff that is usually binned and unappreciated will be propelled into the spotlight getting an exclusive spot in our gallery and social media channels - but only for the wackiest, weirdest and edgiest fruit and vegetables. Get involved by sharing your images over the exhibition run up to the 6th of October using the hashtag #SGperfection.  

Special thanks also to O’Shea Farms and Meade Potato Company for supplying wonky produce for this initiative.


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