13th - 17th January 2020

A collaboration between I-LOFAR and Science Gallery Dublin, this week-long Transition Year programme is a chance to explore space science, engineering, art and design. This programme will take place in the I-LOFAR Education Centre in Birr Castle Demense, which will bring students face to face with an international network of world class space research with the I-LOFAR Radio Telescope. 

Why should we explore space? Thousands of discoveries have been made through space science which have shaped our daily lives. Space exploration has allowed us to innovate in health care, energy and the environment, and influenced our mythology, prose and culture. It helps us to collaborate and protect our planet, and it continues to inspire us to think outside the box. The achievements of space science have shown us that we can make the impossible possible. 

This programme gives students the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills - creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. The workshop sessions also offer the opportunity for students to interact with leading researchers and experts, and get an insight into the exciting career possibilities in space.

Registration is free. 20 places available. The course runs from 10am - 4pm daily. 

Applications are now open,  they will close on December 6th at 12pm. you can find the form here

Join us on a journey of discovery!


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