Tender for Science Gallery Dublin Cafe

Science Gallery Dublin at Trinity College welcomes tender proposals for the operation of its Café and Catering Concession.  

Since its opening, Science Gallery has had more than three million visitors exploring nearly 50 unique exhibitions, ranging from design and violence to light and love, and from contagion and biomimicry to the futures of the human species and play. The gallery is one of Ireland’s top-10 most visited free attractions, welcoming an average of 400,000 visitors per year.

The café is a hub of activity in the gallery and draws in the public, the nearby research community and students by providing a vibrant space for the exchange of ideas and discussions on new technologies. In order to promote the gallery as a place ‘Where Ideas Meet’, the café/bar has an important social and meeting function. It needs to be relaxed and inviting and allow people to linger without feeling uncomfortable. We wish to create a high-quality, inviting and social café space within Science Gallery Dublin, encouraging human connections and repeat visits.

Science Gallery Dublin is located on Pearse Street at the intersection of key business, cultural, social and commuter routes through the capital, with landmarks including the IFSC and the gallery district within walking distance. The inherent drawing power of the Science Gallery is the content of the exhibitions, and the dynamic programme of events.

Visit eTenders to submit your tender or for more information.  Deadline for tenders is 12 noon 01.03.19



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