Science Gallery Dublin listed as one of the top free Dublin attractions

Looking for free things to do in Dublin then look no further.  Science Gallery aims to be free and accessible to everyone over 15 years of age.   We offer an engaging experience with our team of mediators who will tease out the artist conversations, and ignite curiosity on the myriad of exhibition themes.   

It is exciting to see Science Gallery cited in people’s top free places to visit in Dublin.  Here are some highlights from top things to do in Dublin for free. Why not plan a trip into Dublin... and put a Science Gallery at the top of your list?  

Lonely Planet: Top 20 free things to do in Dublin - "Be curious at the Science Gallery.  Hands-on, interactive and compellingly relevant, the Science Gallery is devoted to explaining the intricacies of science and how it applies to everyday life. Exhibitions explore big ideas, so bring your curiosity with you."

USA Today - Skimp on Money, Not on Culture at Dublin's Free Attractions - "Recommended for Free Things to Do because Science Gallery is one of the more interesting museums that are free in the city, a true tribute to innovation.  The Science Gallery might seem like it's very straightforward and educational, but in fact the experience is one of curiosity, innovation and artistic exhibitions, talks and interactive themes. Since opening in 2008, over a million visitors have crossed its doors and when you enter it's easy to see why. There are different exhibitions that last from a period of weeks to months and tackle different thought processes or ideas and never fail to impress and create wonderment for those who enter. This is a great place to take kids to help them engage with science and feel a bit of the magic that it can afford."

The Dublin Bucket List: 30 things to do in the city before you die  -  "Leap forward a few centuries to the Science Gallery, an art-meets-science space, the exhibitions of which are guaranteed to bend your brain."

Irish Independent: Top 20 rainy day activities in Ireland  -  "Dublin's Science Gallery opens a different exhibition every few months, on everything from fake news to the end of the world to the future of humans. With a target audience of ages 15-25, it's not for younger kids, but perfect for bored teenagers stuck indoors on a wet day. Imaginative exhibits mix art, design, technology and science in novel and accessible ways - and there's a tasty café onsite too."

Family Fun  - "The Science Gallery on Pearse Street in Dublin City is now fast becoming one of the top ten free cultural attractions in Ireland. Unlike most galleries, they don’t have a permanent collection. This means that there is always something new to see, but it also means that between exhibitions (which can be a gap of up to three weeks), only their shop and café remain open."


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