SIGNAL: VISUALS, our third event in the series, explored the rise of visuals with host Martin Clancy joined by Ant O’Brien and Ronan McGrath of Generic People to explain on how to create an immersive live performance using Resolume 6.

Robby Collins

Touring Project Manager

In addition to working as project manager for Science Gallery Dublin's touring exhibitions, Robby Collins practices as Radical Design Research, a speculative design house which imagines products of the near future and uses the exploration of these artifacts as a way to reveal the hidden pitfalls in tech solutionism and digital hegemony. Talk to Robby at


FAKE: Natural Fakers

Exploring Stretching Cheese, Faux Foodmongers, Relational Transmissions and other exhibits that look at fakery in the natural world at our new free exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin.

From biomimicry to forged documents, from scandals to substitutes, FAKE, the new free exhibition at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, asks when authenticity is essential, when copying is cool, and what the boundary is between a fakery faux-pas and a really fantastic FAKE. The exhibition runs until 3rd June 2018.


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