Previous years


Each year the course is tied to one of the Science Gallery’s major exhibitions. In 2011 student projects focused on water, which tied to the Surface Tension exhibition. In 2012 the focus was on hacking and the city, which connected to HACK THE CITY, 2013’s focus was on synthetic biology, which tied into Grow Your Own…. 2014’s class was held in collaboration with The Innovation Academy and linked with STRANGE WEATHER. 2015 sees the course linked with Science Gallery’s 2016 flagship show Future Farm.

For more information on previous ITL courses, please click the relevant year below:

2015 - Future Farm

2014 - Strange Weather

2013 - Synthetic Biology

2012 - Hack the City

2011 - The Future of Water


The ITL undergraduate course is a part of Trinity College Dublin’s broad curriculum program and is generously supported by The NTR Foundation.