Say 'hi' to our Hello Machine

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If you're visiting Science Gallery Dublin soon and hear a phone ringing, don't be afraid to pick it up. You might end up talking to a human (or a machine) from the other side of the world. 

We've partnered with the Ars Electronic Festival in Linz, Austria to install a Hello Machine by artist Rachel Hanlon and technician Matthew Gardiner. 

Hello Machines are situated across the globe in ever-changing locations and time zones. You can pick up the receiver to call other Hello Machines, and have a spontaneous conversation with a stranger, or a machine, on one of the other exhibits. If the phone rings, pick it up and see if it's a human or a machine calling back.

Who will you talk to, a human or a machine? Visit us to find out. 

Please note that these calls are being recorded as part of a PhD research project. You can view the consent form attached for more information.