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As part of Science Week 2017, Science Foundation Ireland and Science Gallery Dublin are pleased to present some of the leading and award-winning films from the recent European Science TV and New Media Festival, held annually in Lisbon. Five very different films are featured, including David Attenborough's Light on Earth. 

The spectacular and magical light produced by glowworms, fireflies and plankton is known as bioluminescence — light made by living creatures. But those quite famous glows and flashes are just a tiny easily observed fragment of a previously unexplored realm. The sea at night sparkles, as millions of luminous plankton reveal the shapes of dolphins in a truly magical light show. But why do animals produce light of their own? For centuries we could only marvel at the beauty and the mystery. But now, for the first time, we can begin to reveal the amazing truth about living lights. David Attenborough is our guide, as we venture into a world he describes as “utterly unlike our own.” He and a team of the world’s leading scientists take us on a quest into the fascinating realm of living lights.

​This event is brought to you by Science Gallery Dublin, Science Foundation Ireland and European Science TV and New Media Festival.

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Paccar Theatre
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