What’s the difference between a collapse, a downfall, and a downright apocalypse? How will it all end, and why do we love to wonder? From movies and novels to art and illustration, dystopian narratives have seen a surge in cultural popularity, especially in the wake of recent strange weather patterns and unconventional elections. Hear from experts in our Thursday lecture focusing on the beauty and utter devastation of all things apocalyptic in both culture and in real life.

Ailise Bulfin - Ailise is a Teaching Fellow in Victorian and Modern Literature in the School of English, Drama and Film at UCD. Her research and teaching interests lie primarily in the cultural history of the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, with an emphasis on representations of empire, war and catastrophe. Her forthcoming book, Gothic Invasions: Imperialism, War and Fin-de-Siècle Popular Fiction 1890-1914, investigates the prevalent concern with invasion and war in fin-de-siècle popular fiction, one strand in a wider contemporary ‘apocalyptic imaginary’ of catastrophe and collapse.

Declan Shalvey - Declan is the award-winning artist of the graphic novel series INJECTION with writer Warren Ellis. He has also illustrated hit series such as DEADPOOL, ALL STAR BATMAN and the acclaimed MOON KNIGHT relaunch with Ellis. He is also the writer of titles such as DEADPOOL VS OLD MAN LOGAN and the graphic novel SAVAGE TOWN. As well as producing regular sequential work, Declan has developed a reputation as a prolific cover artist. He lives and works in his native Ireland.

Harvey O’Brien - Harvey is assistant professor of Film at the UCD School of English, Drama, and Fillm. He is the author of Action Movies: The Cinema of Striking Back (Columbia, 2012) and The Real Ireland: The Evolution of Ireland in Documentary (Manchester, 2004). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Film Institute. 

Moderator: Liam Geraghty

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