From fake meat to fake emotions, if faking it gets the job done, who cares?

In both the natural world and human society, faking, mimicking, and copying can be a reliable strategy for success. When the focus is on how things appear, a fake may be just as valuable as the real thing. But what about faking taste, emotions, chemical signatures, facts and trademarks? Have patents, politics and art given copying a bad name?

From biomimicry to forged documents, from scandals to substitutes, we’ll ask when is authenticity essential, copying cool, and what is the boundary between a phoney faux-pas and a really fantastic FAKE. 



How do things survive in outer space, on the bottom of the ocean or inside volcanoes? Why do extreme environments excite our imagination and our drive to explore? How do inhospitable environs inspire new technologies, designs and methods?

From terraforming planets to tracking microbes on geothermal vents, this exhibition will explore LIFE AT THE EDGES. Who are the scientists and designers preparing for a future of frontier living and what might we find living in the most unexpected places like lava tubes, Antarctic mountaintops, or Martian permafrost? Will humans ever inhabit the moons of Saturn or the deep sea, or have we already contaminated the last frontiers with space junk, plastic gyres and invasive species?



INTIMACY will examine the science and art of connection between humans, bringing together neuroscience, behaviour, belief and trust. How does brain chemistry change when your parents first see your face? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Can our bodies align physiologically when we spend a lot of time with a person?  We’ll find closeness in surprising places and explore how INTIMACY can emerge between enemies, opponents, or across time. And with new generations communicating electronically most of all, INTIMACY will explore how electronic interconnectedness may be disrupting traditional notions of togetherness, opening new avenues for connection, or killing off intimacy altogether.