Developed at Hack the Brain 2016, Bisensorial was a working proof-of-concept of a wearable, portable, individually-tailored, neuroadaptive vibroacoustic therapeutic device. It aimed to induce users into specific mental states through vibrotactile stimuli and auditory stimuli, based on readings created by an EEG headband. A genetic algorithm customised the stimuli based on the EEG readings to “tune” the stimuli to the user’s current state. 

The motors were encased in a silicone structure that evokes the shape and function of the human spine, and a bespoke garment designed to bring the encased motors closer towards the body.

Bisensorial builds on existing applications of tactile and auditory vibrations for therapeutic purposes, notably vibroacoustic therapy. In vibroacoustic therapy, low-volume low-frequency sounds are posited to induce relaxation.

"For HTB Dublin, we propose exploring and evaluating our system further by focusing on optimising the genetic algorithm and on the audio stimuli. There is systematically reviewed evidence for the benefits of music therapy for a variety of conditions and disorders, but little work done on neuroadaptive music therapy. We propose building on our successes at HTB 2016 during HTB Dublin by deepening our research and creation in this direction."

Core team: 

CogNovo fellow Jack Fletcher is a computational neuroscientist whose theoretical work focuses on mining the structure of neural networks. His research exploits the mathematics properties of networks and lattices to gain an insight into cognition. In addition he has worked in the field of genetic algorithms. Out side of scientific enquiry, jack has used these interest in the context of art and speculative design. Film composer Sean Clarke​'s work also comprises art & design and experiential installations. Through his initial studies in contemporary performance, composition and sound engineering, his work largely focuses on percieved emotion within music and film. Additional team members: Diego Maranan and Agi Haines. 

Looking for: "It would be helpful to take input from a Psychologist or an Artist but as we will developing a pre-existing project we are open to anyone that could have a positive influence or provide some ever important divergent thinking! "