Corteza enables us to explore the human brain, experiencing its reactions based on the perception and behaviour of a subject. It gives us a glance at the beauty and complexity of the human brain and shows how it can be stimulated and altered through diverse parameters. A customized brain-computer interface (BCI) and improved measurement devices are used to collect data from specific regions of the head and generate accurate signals that communicate directly with a real-time graphic engine, morphing them through sound and images into a digital landscape. The audience can observe the interaction between the subject and the system and how the subjects' brain reacts to the external stimulation it receives, translating it into control signals that change the whole environment, creating an outstanding experience. The result varies according to the state of mind, concentration and perception of the subject, who does not only react passively but can also incite and control the whole system in which they are immersed by using his actions to influence the result actively.

Core team: 

Alex Guevara is a digital artist born in Lima, Peru, currently based in Berlin. He works in a wide range of fields including digital art, interaction design, data and real time music visualization, generative design, interactive installations, combining art and technology to create immersive experiences and landscapes.

Looking for: "It would be great to collaborate with a local musician."