Dilating Sentiment/Social Sculpture

This project will focus on creating a responsive art work controlled by BCI that will manifest an affective response to social media or trending news/politics/ social memes. The intention is to scrape social network sentiment, measuring the responses through an EEG and by mapping Alpha waves of electrical activity of the brain. The team also intends to supplement this data with galvinic skin sensor readings by measuring the electrical conductance of the skin through Arduino units. The overall aim is to track emotional responses to such information through both methods and output this through image and/or sculpture.

The data sets or collation of information will hopefully illustrate how sensation/emotion are active prior to consciousness, and how the quantity of such information vastly overshadows our conscious awareness. Our initial thoughts on possible outcomes include mobilizing videos/gifs through the tagged social media sentiment and broadcasting this on to big screens based on the BCI brain and galvanic skin responses.

Core Team

Mick O’Hara and Conor McGarrigle, Dublin Institute of Technology School of Creative Arts