The Harmonics of Mind

The brain produces a variety of rhythms, often known as brain waves. Data recording these rhythms can be exported, hacked, and turned into sound. In this project, Joe Barnby and his team hopes to convert the exported rhythms of the brain into a melodious, rhythmic, and ambient soundscape, which reflect the experiential narrative of the person being recorded. Alongside this aural journey, they will create a visual art piece that combines an old car bass speaker, latex, and coloured paints. The music will be run through the bass speaker, alongside the high fidelity version, and a high definition camera will record the sound waves now able to be seen through the liquid.

Core team: 

Joe Barnaby is a research assistant in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL, working in the field of social cognition and psychosis, and beginning an MRC-funded DTP at Kings College in September 2017 on a project looking at the psychopharmacology of belief.

Looking for: "We need a visual artist. In our previous installation, Abbi Fletcher from Noble People used her art design and equipment to create the perfect visual piece. We would need two brain hackers - in our previous installation, my colleague Steven Jerjian from UCL took this role, using Matlab to convert the data into sound files for manipulation. We would also love to include a dance piece to accompany the installation."