The Last Wedding Party of Eva von Braun: A Brain Opera

Ellen Pearlman created Noor: A Brain Opera, the world's first interactive immersive EEG brainwave opera performance, in 2016 in Hong Kong. During the performance, an EEG brainwave headset used the four emotions of interest, excitement, meditation and frustration to trigger databanks of videos, audio and a libretto as the audience watched the performer's brainwaves and interacted with her inside a 360o theater. At Hack The Brain Dublin, Ellen will advance the innovations of this performance to create a prototype for a new brainwave opera using two performers instead of one, designed to increase audience interaction. She will synchronize the colors of the performers' mental states to work with lights they wear draped over their body, so their brainwaves become like an extended nervous system, obvious to all.

One, and preferably two individuals, if possible a male and female will wear a BCI. An unknown number of emotions will be registered - in a standard Emotiv BCI these are 4 emotions. In a more complex BCI, there could be more. Each emotion will be connected to different colored lights that will trigger when a certain threshold of that emotion is attained. The threshold is to be determined according to the mapping of the individual(s) used. The lights will be attached to the individual's body like a live time exteriorized nervous system lighting up. The second step would to have each emotion launch a short video and a short audio clip. If we get to this point, we really have made a tremendous breakthrough. The storyline will follow.

Core team: Ellen Pearlman

A PhD candidate at the School of Creative Media HK City University, and Faculty at Parsons/New School University in New York, Ellen is a two-time recipient of the HKCU Research Degree Student award for outstanding academic performance. She was Director of the ThoughtWorks Arts Residency, and works with artists to explore the realm of the cyborg, illegal data harvesting of genetic material, biometrics in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning.

Looking for: "II need a programmer to enable the software that connects brainwaves to audio and visual software and sends those outputs to projectors and speakers . I could use a sound designer, but not someone who produces really loud sound. That is too abrasive for brainwaves."

Here is a short article on Noor, and also the Emotiv Brainwave Newsletter (scroll down)
Here is a 6 minute excerpt of the opera: