Mind Anamorphosis

Virtual reality (VR) art allows a participant to experience disembodied presence in an immaterial, abstract space and when coupled with Brain Computer Interface it has the potential to allow a person to affect their virtual surrounding using their thoughts. We envisage the participant floating inside an immersive dreamscape VR environment, where the content of the virtual environment, visual, aural and motion can be controlled by, and responds to, the persons imagined movement. The focus will be on utilizing two waves in the alpha and beta range in primary sensorimotor cortex indicating motor intention or motor imagery of different body parts. The Mu rhythm which in the alpha range 7.5 to 12.5 Hz and the sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) in the range of 13 to 15 Hz both of which are dominant during rest but desynchronized when an individual is planning, executing, and imagining body movements. The inspiration for this work lies with the surrealists movement's idea of “automatic drawing” to adequately represent the unconscious mind and allow participants to step into their own painting where they might be more inclined to explore the potential personal meaning of what they find there as it responds to their thoughts – a Mind Anamorphosis.

Core team: Michael McMahon (software engineer & film-maker): "I’m a Senior Program Manager in Ericsson Mediaroom with 20 years’ experience in Software Engineering within the IPTV/VOD area. I hold a BA in Sociology, Economics and Geography, H. Dip in Arts Administration and am finishing my MSc in Software Engineering with NUI Galway.  My Thesis is focused on the development of an open-source BCI-VR prototype to test the manipulation of 3D objects in a Virtual Reality Environments aimed at improving motor rehabilitation outcomes. I am also a filmmaker and my short drama ‘Fiddlers Cross’ won Best Screenplay at the prestigious Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2014."
Peter McCanney (Software Engineer & Graphic Artist) and Toby Steele (a Software Engineer & Musician)

Looking for: "we would love to work with a neuroscientist, games designers/developers, visual artists and musicians but anyone who is interested in collaborating would be greatly appreciated."