Shared Senses

Can brain measurements create the experience of being touched?’ Shared Senses explores that concept within the frame art, science and design – taking the phrase 'being touched' as both a metaphor for emotional and reflective experience, and a sensory, haptical perception of social proximity and embodied intimacy. The core team plans to investigate a relational interface for two NIRS devices. Seperately from EEG technologies, NIRS measurements are less disturbed by muscle movements and therefor hopefully suit perfectly for a touch experiment! During the hackathon, the team will see how precisely the experience of 'being touched' can be located in the brain and will find parameters to measure this experience. Secondly, NIRS devices will be used to measure the experience of being touched and caressed, in a relational interface.

Core Team

Karen Lancel, Hermen Maat, Alexander von Luhmann, and Benjamin Blankertz.