Social media has transformed society, culture and the ways in which we interact and present ourselves. What happens as the rift between the real self and ideal self grows wider? Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the perfect lifestyle projected online? Have you ever craved for just a few more followers or likes in pursuit of that perfect feeling?

Experts say social media can negatively impact mental health, sleep cycles and social skills, while others argue the merits of the endless possibilities of connectivity and informal learning outweigh the pitfalls.

The discussion takes place on September 19th from 6pm and will feature a diverse panel of speakers:  Autumn BrownAlex CalderKristina KapanovaCiara MahonGillian Roddie, each bringing their own convictions and narratives social media, curating the perfect presence and its effect on our notions of perfection.

This event takes place as part of Culture Night - an all-island celebration of arts, heritage and culture. Returning for its fourteenth year, Culture Night 2019 will take place on Friday September 20th, with hundreds of free events taking place in venues across Ireland.

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  • Where: Paccar Theatre
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