Should plastic bottles come with a warning label? What role does 3D printing play in shaping and revolutionising healthcare? Can anyone make biodegradable plastic using simple ingredients sourced in our homes and kitchens?

PLASTIC - CAN’T LIVE WITH IT, CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT, Science Gallery’s latest exhibition interrogates our current and future relationship with the material – from design to medical innovation it has been revolutionary and yet it is destroying our planet. We can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Meet the team of artists who have brought the PLASTIC exhibition to life. Explore the influences behind the exhibits and how each concept has materialised and succeeded in telling both sides of the PLASTIC story. 

With the European Union’s looming deadline of a ban on single-use plastic by 2021, the Science Gallery’s development of the exhibition has adopted a no single-use approach. PLASTIC is one of Science Gallery Dublin’s most ambitious projects to date and with funding from Science Foundation Ireland it will be the first Science Gallery exhibition to tour nationally to locations including Drogheda, Letterkenny, Wexford, Limerick and Galway. 

Learn more about the exhibitors and exhibits here.


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