Credits Credits

Credits Credits

PLASTIC national steering committee Barbara Nea - National Youth Council of Ireland
Nessa O'Connor - Trinity College Dublin
Niamh NiFhlaithbheartaigh - Dept of Communications, Climate Action and Environment
Mindy O'Brien - Voice Ireland
Fiona McCoole - Environment Protection Agency
Annemarie Mahon - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Aoife Deane - University College Cork
Erin O'Rourke - Beacon Centre
Fiona O'Doherty - No Sup Town
Maureen O'Donnell - Business In The Community
Vivienne Ahern - Dept of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Curatorial Advisors Natsai Audrey Chieza, Faber Futures
Ruth Doyle - M.CO
Anne Marie Mahone, Marine and Freshwater Research Center (MFRC) - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Michael Monaghan - Trinity College Dublin

National Project Coordinator Philip Smith

Exhibition 3D Build AB Projects

Science Gallery Dublin would like to thank the exhibitors and to acknowledge Science Foundation Ireland who have sponsored this exhibition. Thank you to Inspire 3D, The Library Project, Ecofil and Thorntons Recycling for their support with individual exhibits. PLASTIC wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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