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Science Gallery is 10: When Cultures Collide

In this special episode, we take an excerpt from the live audio of a work performed at our tenth birthday party which saw Irish musician Daithí and Guardian audio producer Max Sanderson produce and perform a podcast over the course of twelve hours.

Episode 13: Memory

Memory is complex. Every time you recall something, you’re pulling information from different regions of your brain, all combining to reconstruct what happened and how you felt about it. But when you recall something, you’re not replaying the original recording. Each time you recall it, that memory is altered — moulded by how you’re feeling or what you’re doing at the time. This happens without us knowing it. With Richard Roche (NUI, Maynooth) and Aine Kelly (Trinity College Dublin). You can listen to the podcast on this page, or subscribe on iTunes.

Music Editing and Sound Design by Maurice Kelliher
Produced and Presented by Shaun O'Boyle
Image from Hysteria.

Bonus Episode 1: Students' Golden Record

Inspired by the HOME\SICK exhibition and Voyager's Golden Record, Science Gallery Dublin asked Transition Year students what sounds would they sent to space to communicate with alien civilisations. This is what they created.


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