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"With this latest show, ELEMENTS, the Science Gallery proves beyond doubt that it's of worth to the city" 

Simon Judge, Evening Herald - The Dubliner, 8th November 2011 

"HUMAN + aims to examine the cultural and social impact of new technologies in human development and incorporates the work of artists, biologists, roboticists, architects and philosophers. The result is a combination of art installations, science and technology experiments, participatory experiences, lab settings and historical artefacts."
Olivia Solon, Wired, 6th April 2011 Read the article.

"One leaves HUMAN+ not with any real insights into how the future will actually play out but with a bracing sense that, whatever happens, we, as a species, will be ready..."
Cormac Sheridan, New Scientist, 15th April 2011 Read the article.

Michael John Gorman joined Chuck Scarborough on NBC New York Nightly News for an interview about BIORHYTHM at the World Science Festivalon. Watch the interview

"This exhibition certainly challenged convention, granting a rare opportunity for art and science to collide in a supernova of imaginative energy."
Anthony King, Nature, 17th November 2011 Read the article (subscription required).

"The coolest nerds in the herd."
Jim Carrol, The Irish Times - The Ticket, 4th September 2011