Nano Black

A new colour that’s blacker than black, 2014

Frederik de Wilde (BE)

07.08.15 – 01.11.15

Nano Black

In Nano Black, molecular matter has been manipulated to form a sculpture that exists at the atomic scale. By playing on the boundaries of art, science and technology, Frederik was able to utilise nanotechnology to pioneer a super-black material using carbon nanotubes.

This material, made in collaboration with NASA, has been used to craft the blackest of black artworks in the world, an artwork that is able to capture all light. The result is so dark that the eye has trouble figuring out what it is looking at, giving the illusion of a black hole or a void-like appearance.

In a time where we’re over-saturated with media and information, Nano Black pulls the viewer back to something that is private and personal. The blackest-black concept and artwork help us to question our perception and reality. The blackest-black is not just an interesting coating with an unusual effect, it’s the ultimate celebration of the unknown.