Your Voice is You

Call for: Truth, confusion, embarrassment, stress, excitement and lies, 2015

Zoë Irvine (UK)

07.08.15 – 01.11.15

Your Voice is You

You are currently being observed and profiled to an unprecedented degree, be it through loyalty cards or your browsing history online. Voice analysis software can also be used to generate an individual profile or assist in deciding if someone is telling the truth. Voice analysis and personal profiling is a growing area of research and practice for governments and private companies.

Artist Zoë Irvine accidentally recorded the last two years of her mobile phone calls, having used an app to try and capture one important call back at the start of 2013. It didn’t work, as it only recorded her side of the conversation, and she forgot about it. When her phone memory became full, she discovered it had kept on recording every single phone call.

Visitors can call this work by phone and explore this extraordinary vocal profile, created by Zoë using voice analysis software applied to her side of mobile phone conversations.

The listener can navigate through categories defined by the software: truth, confusion, embarrassment, stress, excitement and anticipation, and suspected lies.


Zoë Irvine is an artist and sound designer living and working in Edinburgh. Her artistic work spans radio, installation and performance. She has a long-standing fascination with voice and sound editing, which have been themes and tools throughout her work. Your Voice is You develops themes from other recent work exploring biometric voice analysis, such as her Eloquent Voice performances in 2013 and 2014. Further back in time, in 2005, Zoë created DIAL-A-DIVA, a 24 hour live phone cast concert from around the world.

Q and A

What is your favourite dark corner of the internet? — this is literally a dark corner, you can only access this piece of net art when it's night where you are...

What are the geographic coordinates of your favourite secret place?

Forget it — I can't tell you that. It's SECRET.

Tell us two truths about yourself, and one lie.

I believe voice analysis software is accurate in determining emotional states, truth and lies.

I don't believe this software is at all accurate in determining emotional states, truth and lies.

I sometimes believe this software is startlingly accurate but then wrong many times also.