• Lynn Scarff


    Lynn Scarff is the Director of Science Gallery Dublin. She has over twelve years experience in developing and leading public engagement projects in science, arts and education fields. Lynn comes from a background of work in the environmental and not for profit sectors and has developed a series of programmes, exhibitions, events, books, TV and radio for these areas. Beginning her role in Science Gallery as the Education and Outreach Manager, Lynn has been involved since its inception. She is passionate about science and arts and the potential of spaces like Science Gallery to be facilitators of transformation in people’s lives. Talk to Lynn at

  • Ian Brunswick

    Programme Manager

    Ian Brunswick is the Programme Manager at Science Gallery Dublin, having previously worked in broadcasting as well as youth outreach in New York, Chicago, the West Indies and (most exotic of all) Wisconsin. He also presents the science news on Ireland’s weekly science radio programme, Newstalk's Futureproof. Talk to Ian at

  • Lea O'Flannagain

    Operations Manager

    With her huge network of contacts and great juggling skills Lea makes sure everything in the gallery runs smoothly. The great Dane has a 'make it happen' attitude and is generally unflappable. She has been with Science Gallery Dublin since day one and came with over ten years experience in the arts and business fields, with specific expertise in art fitout for corporate buyers. Talk to Lea at

  • Shaun O'Boyle

    Research Coordinator

    Science Gallery connects visitors with some of the most exciting new areas of scientific research. Shaun, who has a Ph.D. in molecular biology, works with scientists to develop experiments and engaging exhibits that bring their research to a public audience, as well as providing the voice of scientific reason in our office arguments! He leads a Wellcome-funded collaboration between Science Gallery and Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute to explore new ways to engage the public with the biomedical sciences, and he also brings his background in radio production to the Science Gallery Dublin podcast. Talk to Shaun at

  • Aisling Murrary

    Exhibitions Producer

    With a background in festivals and producing across theatre, spoken word, and dance, Aisling is responsible for liaising with artists and exhibition designers to transform the space for each exhibition. While a number of us conceive of the idea for exhibitions and carry it through pregnancy, it is Aisling that ultimately goes through labour and gives birth to it. With a passion for all things art and culture, Science Gallery Dublin enables Aisling to do what she does best: facilitating creativity. Talk to Aisling at

  • Jessica Hilliard

    Marketing and Communications Manager

    As someone who has always been fascinated by ideas, the people behind them and where they meet communities, Jessica embraces the opportunity to talk up all kinds of things to anyone who will listen. An information (and sneaker) addict with a penchant for ‘the just left-of-centre-enough-to-intrigue’, her role allows her a fascinating scope to do that at Science Gallery Dublin. Talk to Jessica at

  • Lucy Whitaker

    Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator

    Resident wordsmith since 2012, Lucy combines her love of science, culture, cats, and puns to keep in constant contact with thousands of online followers, mailing subscribers, and virtual visitors. If you've heard about something we're doing, it's probably because she's told you about it. Offline, Lucy enjoys succinct signage, contemporary catalogues, and alliteration. With a background in science and digital marketing, Lucy can usually be found proudly sporting hockey injuries, arguing about the Oxford comma, and searching for exactly the right words and images to capture the unusual things we get up to here. Talk to Lucy at

  • Niamh O'Doherty

    Marketing Officer

    A proper media junkie with (at last count) over 200 sites bookmarked in her 'News' folder, Niamh is a keen marketeer with a passion for spreading the word about science. She looks after press for Science Gallery Dublin, so if you're looking for an interview, an image or just a interesting story about cricket-flavoured energy bars, get in touch at

  • Sinead Foley

    Graphic Designer

    Sinead is responsible for design at Science Gallery Dublin, and works across a wide range of print and digital collateral. Sinead works closely with the team on developing visual identities from conception to production, and has an uncanny knack for wearing outfits that perfectly match the office décor. Sinead's love for new, experimental and edgy design is catered for by Science Gallery Dublin's cutting edge content. Talk to Sinead at

  • Derek Williams

    Technical Manager

    Derek is a master of fireworks – although he does try to keep them to a minimum in the gallery. He provides the technical know-how for all our exhibitions, events, along with the day-to-day fixes and tweaks to our tech-laden shows. When not building Tweet printers or green screens from scratch, Derek will be writing risk assessments to keep everyone safe, or stealing chocolate from others in the office. Talk to Derek at

  • Fia Kavanagh

    Technical Intern

    Coming from a background in arts and music production, Fia handles all things tech at the gallery. When not behind the sound desk in the Paccar Theatre, up a ladder in the exhibition space, or in the office working web development, she can usually be found asking her colleagues where Derek is. She also works with MAKESHOP, developing content to bring maker culture to the public. Talk to Fia at

  • Jane Chadwick

    Education and Learning Manager

    Science Gallery's very own tame Volcanologist, Jane Chadwick is the Education and Learning Manager for Science Gallery Dublin. She has a BA (mod) in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Geochemistry and Volcanology with over eight years of research, teaching, and science communication experience. At Science Gallery she combines her nerdy love for science, technology, and design to develop projects, events, courses and workshops for our education programmes. For more info on our Education Programmes, you can reach her at

  • Sarah Williams

    Development Manager

    Engaging and involving new partners is a key factor in enabling Science Gallery Dublin to deliver compelling experiences and ensure that it remains a free entry space. Sarah is responsible for the smooth strategy development and management of our Development and Fundraising activities. When not out networking, making connections or inviting people in for coffee and a tour, Sarah can be found somewhere along the coastline on a standup paddleboard, or singing with gusto at a wedding near you. Talk to Sarah at

  • Diane McSweeney

    Education Officer

    Having originally joined the Science Gallery Dublin team as a mediator back in 2012 for the EDIBLE exhibition back in 2012, Diane now runs the mediator programme and other educational programmes as the Education Officer in the gallery. Coming from a background in communications and having created radio for national broadcasters Newstalk and RTÉ, Diane likes meeting new people and learning new things – which she is always able to do at Science Gallery Dublin.  Talk to Diane at

  • Sarah Quinn

    Development Coordinator

    The other half of the development team, Sarah works with our existing partners to identify new opportunities to connect these innovators from all industries with our work here at Science Gallery Dublin. A psychology graduate, with a past life organising gigs and pop-up arty happenings, she's quick to spot interesting connections at the intersection of art and science. Whether you would like to sponsor an exhibition, prototype an idea or product, or join us for the longer haul, give a Sarah a shout and she’ll leave your brain buzzing with possibilities! Talk to Sarah at

  • Mairéad Hurley

    European Research Projects Coordinator

    When Mairéad is not in the office, she can often be found in various locations around Europe liaising with Science Gallery Dublin's partner institutions on weird and wonderful projects. Mairéad has many years experience in STEM education, and with a Ph.D. in Astronomy, she is keen to point out that under no circumstances are you to ask her for your horoscope! She has also been known to travel the world in her other guise – performing traditional Irish music on the concertina on stages from Wellington to Washington DC to the West of Ireland... and that's just in the past 12 months! Talk to Mairead about our European Projects at

  • Louise Whelan

    Financial Administrator

    After completing the ACCA accountancy exams, Louise decided she'd like to put her love of numbers to good use in a vibrant and interesting environment. Luckily for us we fit Louise’s bill and she joined the Science Gallery team in 2013. Louise is responsible for the financial reporting of Science Gallery Dublin, the day-to-day administration, and fielding incessant financial questions from members of staff. Talk to Louise at

  • Ruth Chadwick

    Executive Officer - Front of House

    With a background in Fine Art and Interactive Digital Media and a love for the weird and wonderful, Ruth fits right in here at Science Gallery Dublin. She is the smiling face behind Front of House and spends her days greeting visitors, taking care of Corporate Hire clients, and helping lost tourists find their way. Ruth is a photoshop ninja and enjoys transforming photos of her fellow staff members into anything from sunflowers to bond villains. (They don’t take it personally, it just means she likes them!) Talk to Ruth at

  • Declan Greaney

    Front of House (part time)

    When not casting an eye over operations on the floor and over the front desk, Declan can be found in his studio covered in paint… and that goes for both Declan and the studio. It is not enough to work in the arts for Declan; more than allowing access to the 'Beast', he must be the 'Beast'! Talk to Declan at

  • Aidan Fitzmaurice

    Makeshop Coordinator

    Aidan can be found making in MAKESHOP, looking after workshops, or writing poetic birthday cards for the rest of the staff. Science Gallery, and Makeshop in particular, give him the chance to amalgamate his interests in all things creative and all things geeky. Talk to Aidan at

  • Emma Kennedy

    Shop Assistant

    Emma works in Science Gallery Dublin as part of the shop team. She has responsibility for buying books for the shop, and loves the combination of researching nerdy books and meeting all sorts of people every day. She has created a collection of books suitable for the creative, curious minds of the Science Gallery Dublin visitor. Talk to Emma at