Tidal III

Rosie O’Reilly (IE) Image

Irish sea levels will rise by half a metre by the end of the century, flooding and coastal storm surges will become the norm, and Dublin will face new challenges as the high tide leaves its mark on our cultural, natural and human systems.

Tidal III is a visual response to rising tides. Taking inspiration from the moment when the ocean reaches its high tide point, Tidal III explores that unseen line that now represents our vulnerability in the face of rising sea levels and climate change. The print and marks used in this piece draw from 4/704, an audio-visual installation by the artist on Sandymount Strand for Dublin Fringe Festival in 2013.

There are on average 704 high tides a year—4/704 was an installation that physically marked the high tide. Four self-contained dying units were built on Sandymount Strand to record the point of high tide. The piece was a multi-sensory experience for the audience, combining natural tide systems, materials, sound and texture. These elements were experienced by the public at midnight on a full moon high tide as they walked along the Sandymount promenade.

In STRANGE WEATHER, fabric that serves as a temporary shelter will be processed by the artist to represent the high tide in the gallery.

About the artist: 

Rosie O’Reilly is an aritst, designer, and Creative Director of Re-dress, an organisation set up to develop an awareness of the detrimental environmental and humanitarian impact of the fashion industry in Ireland and abroad. She is also the designer of art and fashion house ‘We Are Islanders’.