Internet Poems About #Weather

Lauren Thorson (US)

We have fully integrated digital media into our lives. Daily interactions are not only defined by, but shaped and inspired through connections via the internet. Checking social media outlets has become as much of a morning ritual as drinking coffee, brushing your teeth, or checking the weather forecast.

Internet Poems About #Weather is a collection of writing compiled by searching the hashtag #weather on the social media platform Tumblr. The blog posts sourced are re-defined as ‘internet poems’ through an archive and curation process performed by the artist, similar to a literary review. This larger collection forms a publication that catalogues humans and their everyday relationship to weather as broadcast through social media, and investigates connections between the verbal and digital social constructs weather provides in a conversation.

Within this post-digital environment, the publication encompasses not only a graphic representation of language, but also examines human interaction techniques and developments of applied perceptions of identity through technology—specifically how hypermediacy, remediation, and immediacy affect communication.

About the artist: 

Lauren Thorson is fifty-percent of the design studio Studio Set, and currently a Designer-In-Residence and Visiting Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work ranges from traditional graphic design to more experimental visualisation systems.