Occupy II

Tania Kitchell (CA)

Occupy II is a representation of alien and invasive plant species that have been sighted in Arctic regions. When it comes to the geographic distribution of plant species, scientific studies show that the Arctic remains primarily unscathed. However, there are a small number of species whose origins derive from elsewhere and have spread to Arctic regions due to human activities. These are referred to as ‘alien species’.

In Occupy II the plants are made of ABS plastic that have been formed with 3D modelling software and formed on a 3D printer. Photos were used as references to reproduce plant forms; there is an intentional disregard for a precise likeness as sizes and proportions are not adhered to, but there is a strong connection to the existing plants.

Does this disconnect between perception and reality in any way parallel our misconceptions about the Arctic?

About the artist: 

Tania Kitchell is a Canadian visual artist born in Saskatchewan who lives and works in Toronto. Her multidisciplinary art practice engages in an ongoing exploration of our relationship with nature and our perceptions of it.