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Event Horizon is one of a series of sculptures by artist Petroc Sesti in which a vortex appears to have been captured in a glass vessel. A whirlpool spirals inside a giant bell jar, suspended in perpetual motion. Sesti creates his vortex sculptures such as Event Horizon, Vanishing Point and Perpetual Void using optic oil, which has the appearance of water. A hidden motor inside the sculpture’s plinth activates the vortex. Philip Romero, author of The Art Imperative - The Secret Power of Art, describes Sesti’s work as pushing the boundaries of art and science, and going beyond both: ‘It looks strangely new and feels oddly familiar... Sesti rivets our brain’s attention and kindles our need to explore the object. Once captured by the aura of the object we find something within it that releases us from its seductive grasp. This work confounds cognition and kindles curiosity. This is an art of subtle motion and intense emotion, of stillness and transcendence, of violence and silence, of time contained and time frozen. Sesti’s work is an irresistible invitation to the body, brain, and imagination. By tickling our brain’s ability to mirror itself in the object, Sesti succeeds in seducing the viewer into a world of speculation and anxiety.’