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Situated on Venice Beach, Los Angeles Hydroscape is an architectural proposition restoring Abbott Kinney’s pleasure beach coastline with a playful pier that evolves with its surroundings, changing through dynamic interaction with humans and the natural world. It is split into two main functions: a floating desalination park and a land-based waste-water management system. The power of the waves and the energy of the sun are harnessed to turn salt water into drinking water; nature’s very own alchemy. The salt water of our oceans can be converted to freshwater that is suitable for human consumption or irrigation. Desalination, which removes salt and other minerals from sea water, does not depend on rainfall, and so is of particular interest to coastal regions where freshwater is limited. Los Angeles Hydroscape attempts to unite the process of desalination with the interaction and excitement of the sea. It forms a relationship of education, responsibility and ultimately pleasure. It embraces nature, highlighting the bond we have with our ecosystem in order to survive. Stitching together land, sea, and the community, it provides a floating pleasure park as a new focal point for an enigmatic seafront.