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Surface Tension’s Water Lab is where you can experience, learn and participate in tests all about and with water: its constituents and contaminants, its properties and pollutants from drinking water to groundwater! Calculate how much water you have in your body and how much water you use and waste every day. Discover how you can desalinate water and make it good enough to drink. Take a close-up look at the life forms in your drinking water using phase contrast microscopy. Explore the major role of plants in the hydrological cycle and the importance of evaporation, as seen at a molecular level in the tiny stomata of leaves. Discover the intricacies of groundwater mapping. And find out why add salt to the water when boiling your potatoes? Why does water make a good solvent and how is it that water and oil don’t mix? Water lab investigates the sometimes mysterious properties of this unique molecule in all its states.

WATER LAB Interview