The Beaded Reef began when Michigan resident Rebecca Peapples translated the techniques of hyperbolic crochet into beading. Rebecca’s work is Byzantine in style and miniature in scale, made from tiny glass embroidery beads. Rebecca follows the mathematics of hyperbolic structures precisely so her exquisite forms are geometrically perfect.



Sue Von Ohlsen owns a yarn store in Pennsylvannia and is another master beader. Sue specialises in the pseudoshere form, the hyperbolic equivalent of a cone. Where Rebecca uses mdele (sic) or herringbone stitch, which gives her pieces a striated look, Sue uses peyote stitch, a technique known to ancient cultures in Africa and the Americas.



Sarah Simons, who also made the doily animation in the Café, has invented a taxonomy of beaded kelps. Some of Sarah’s long thin pieces also resemble whelk egg cases. Many marine organisms – including whelks and nudibranchs – lay their eggs in long thin hyperbolic ribbons.