The Science of Fat with Stephen O'Rahilly and Donal O'Shea

In the last event of FAT LAB, Sir Stephen O' Rahilly and Donal O'Shea joined us for a discussion on the latest and most exciting scientific research that is lifting the lid on human fat. Sir Stephen O'Rahilly is one of the world's leading experts on fat. Born in Dublin, Stephen is Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine at the University of Cambridge. In 2013, Stephen was knighted for his services to medical research. He was elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1999, the Royal Society in 2003 and became a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, in the US in 2011. Stephen is joined by obesity expert Donal O'Shea, a consultant endocrinologist and physician based in St Vincent's University Hospital. Donal's research looks at the health consequences of obesity.