LOCI Food Lab at FIELD TEST at Science Gallery Dublin


LOCI Food Lab is a travelling food cart for prototyping, serving, and debating a range of bioregional food futures at different sites around the world. A bioregion is an area bounded by natural rather than political borders, which has characteristic flora and fauna, and includes one or more ecosystems.

Visitors to the cart explore ‘bite-sized bioregionalism’ by identifying the attributes of the food system that are important to them. After identifying the three most important qualities of an ideal food system, they are served a customised, algorithmically-generated snack from a set menu of ten ingredients. The LOCI menu features crops, livestock, and food products grown within the Celtic broadleaf forest bioregion.


If anything, this exhibition raises more questions than it does answers. Will we make hay while the sun shines, or when the sensors say? Will visionaries and dreamers reinvent farms as on-demand food forests, skyscrapers, or even theme parks? What crops should we be cultivating now for a very different future: bacon-flavoured seaweed, heirloom potatoes, or fly meat steaks? FIELD TEST will bring you into dialogue with a range of artworks, products, farm hacks, robotics and microfarms that are real field tests: experiments at the boundaries of art, design, science and farming.

Find out more at https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/fieldtest