Explore the Situation Room at IN CASE OF EMERGENCY

The Situation Room is an immersive experience where visitors are faced with complex questions and difficult choices. Visitors take on the role of the Catastrophe Citizens’ Assembly, where they are asked for their input on a range of catastrophic emergency scenarios. Through game play, voting, and discussion, the Catastrophe Citizens’ Assembly must debate scientific, logistical, and ethical issues surrounding some the biggest risks and threats to human species survival and the continued existence of life on Earth.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, the new free exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, launched on 13th October 2017 and runs until 11th February 2018. The exhibition explores why the disastrous can be devilishly entertaining, and whether there’s any truth to the dismal predictions made by pop culture portrayals of the end of the world.

Find out more at https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/icoe/