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28:01:11-25:02:11 - Visceral - The Living Art Experiment

Why VISCERAL?  There is something that makes us a little uneasy, perhaps even queasy, about the idea of creating artworks from living tissue. VISCERAL incorporates ten years of SymbioticA‚Äôs challenging work at the frontier between fine art and biotechnology and forms a series of provocations and puzzles around the nature of the living and non-living. Curated by Oron Catts and Dr Ionat Zurr, the works are occasionally playful, frequently uncanny and may even appear to be sentient.

Explore the exhibits on this website, check out the brochure or experience this LIVING ART EXPERIMENT in person at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin from Friday January 28 until February 25th. The exhibition is closed Mondays and is suitable for visitors over the age of 15.


Experience Visceral