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Silent Barrage

Neurotica, Philip Gamblen, Guy Ben-Ary, Peter Gee, Dr. Nathan Scott, Brett Murray in collaboration with Dr Steve Potter’s lab, Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Silent Barrage declares its presence in scale and sound. This architectural scale arrangement of noisy pole robots is more than a mere amplification of neuronal activity in a remotely located culture dish. Silent Barrage investigates the nature of thoughts, free will, and neural dysfunction. The work focuses on the bursts of uncontrolled activity of nerve tissue, a typical characteristic of epilepsy and cultured nerve cells. Silent Barrage uses audience movements in and responses to the architectural space of amplified neuronal activity to feed it back to the cultured nerve cells in an attempt to silence the barrage of electrical impulses. The scientists hope that this might help them understand better how to quieten the activity in the culture dish and this in turn would assist in treating epilepsy.

Silent Barrage Interview
Silent Barrage Photo: Exit Art