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Lisa Carrie Goldberg, Canada

Structuring Somnolence highlights how the use of graphical representations of sleep positioning can be changed for the sake of art and how scientific tools can be repurposed as artistic tools. A conductor and an administering sleep technician will reconfigure the sleeping body of a volunteer with the intention of forming predetermined landscape/architecture drawings from the emerging graphical sleep data known as “Sleep Architecture”. Unlike a traditional scientific experiment this research is not attempting to solve a problem; there are no health benefits to an experiment of this sort. It is not about calculating sleep efficiency; in fact, the sleep of the subject will be disturbed for the sake of this research. It should be considered as a method for creating art, using the electrical data gathered from a sleep study for an objective assessment. This installation will be based on a volunteer’s sleepover at Science Gallery on January 28th, which will be viewable from Pearse Street from 21:00 onwards.

STRUCTURING SOMNOLENCE Photo: Keitaro Yoshioka and Lisa Carrie Goldberg