An artware intervention against advertising surveillance, 2014

Daniel C. Howe (US) & Mushon Zer-Aviv (IS)

07.08.15 – 01.11.15


AdNauseum is an artware browser add-on designed to protect users from being tracked by ad networks and to allow them to register their discontent with web advertising systems.

Like an ad-blocker, AdNauseum blocks ads on visited pages, but then automatically clicks each ad in the background, polluting the user’s profile and creating mistrust between advertisers and ad networks. By allowing users to explore visualisations of the ads they’ve been shown, AdNauseum also reveals to its users how they appear to the trackers who violate their privacy and facilitate bulk-surveillance agendas.


Daniel C. Howe is an artist, researcher and critical technologist whose work focuses on the social and political implications of networked and computational technologies.

Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, educator and media activist based in Tel Aviv. His work and writing explore the boundaries of interface and the biases of techno-culture as they are redrawn through politics, design and networks.

Q and A

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