21.06.19 – 06.10.19


A new exhibition at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin exploring the human pursuit of perfection.


Science Gallery Dublin,
The Naughton Institute,
Trinity College Dublin,
Pearse St, Dublin 2


TUE–FRI 11:00–18:00
SAT–SUN 12:00–18:00

Perfection is a bit perplexing. It can be exact numbers, balanced symmetry and precise engineering. But it can also be an obsession, a deception and a way of thinking. Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin’s exhibition PERFECTION is a creative collision of scientific experimentation and artistic expression. It holds up a mirror of self-reflection and allows us to see the benefits and challenges of the imperfect/perfect dichotomy. In doing so, it will leave us questioning our own ideas of what ‘perfect’ means. PERFECTION originated at Science Gallery Melbourne at The University of Melbourne. For a full list of our events programme click here.

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